Brand your business to attract staff

On Wednesday 25th April we hosted an event in conjunction with the Enterprise M3 Growth Hub at Limeyard Restaurant in Staines. Neville Merritt was our key speaker , an Associate Growth Champion with the Growth Hub, who has 40 years’ business experience and now divides his time as a specialist in marketing, sales and recruitment strategy support with the Growth Hub and his own business Pure Potential .

Neville spoke to us about branding your business to attract staff as well as customers. How many of us use the same old job adverts that tell candidates so little about who we really are as a business? How often do we complain that our staff turnover is high, but never review how we approach welcoming new staff members to the team or how deeply our exit interviews delve?

Neville addressed all these issues and more leaving us with his top 10 tips for creating an employer brand:

1/ Profile your target candidates and create personas. Give them names and ask yourselves would they respond to your approach to recruiting?

2/ Identify ( and check) what attracts them to an employer: benefits, working environment, culture, career and training.

3/ Create your own list of employment “benefits” and USPs to attract candidates.

4/ Maybe you need to expand your activities:careers, training, social, environmental,community.

5/ Review your website: add people, employment page, activities, social value. Lots of people images. Employee testimonials. Video is a great asset.

6/ Have linked In, Glassdoor and Facebook company profiles. Check Glassdoor reviews. Make sure all your hiring managers are on Linked In.

7/ Write your recruitment adverts, job descriptions and career pages to “sell” your company as well as selecting by skill.

8/ Communicate your employer brand! Do some PR to promote your company as a great place to work. Use local and social media.

9/ Star the on-boarding process as soon as you have made a job offer.

  • Send weekly updates
  • Meet the team social
  • Choose phone/laptop/login name
  • Welcome from their new manager
  • Include in company news’ updates

10/ Don’t disappoint!

  • Welcome pack
  • Vision and Values
  • Onboarding process
  • Social
  • Onboarding buddy
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Reviews and Feedback.

We’d like to thank Neville for an enjoyable and interactive talk. If you would like to know more please do contact him directly on 01428 713399,

A huge thanks also to Kristina and her team at Limeyard for a delicious breakfast and great hospitality. Do try them out if you haven’t been yet.

Thanks to Ingrid at the Staines upon Thames BID for working with us on the event and to the Growth Hub for helping to set this up for SBF members.

We really hope to see you at our next event on 9th May at Kempton Park – Cyber-Man meets GDPR with Resilience. Find out more about it and secure your place here.