BREXIT Update – 16th September

Here are the latest Brexit updates from Bloomberg; –

It’s been another busy one for Brexit news –
• The U.K. announced a delay to post-Brexit import checks on food from the EU, as supply chains continue
to battle shortages. Lord Frost called it a pragmatic move to reduce the burden on businesses, while some in industry
complained that it creates a comparative disadvantage for British producers.

• The Independent has reported on concerns over the lack of readiness at U.K. ports for any upcoming post-Brexit
customs checks. Lots of spades need to go into the ground if we’re going to be ready for July 2022…

• Tensions over Northern Ireland rose after Lord Frost reiterated the U.K.’s threat to suspend parts of the Northern Ireland protocol. “There must be a real negotiation between us and the EU”, Frost said in the Lords earlier this week. “A real negotiation does not mean the EU coming up with its own plans for solutions, within the framework of the existing protocol, and presenting them to us as `take it or leave it’.”