BREXIT Update – 29th June

Here are the latest Brexit updates from Bloomberg

• The FT reports today that almost one in three U.K. companies report a decline in EU trade since Brexit, while the
country is facing significant labour shortages that are hampering the recovery.

• The U.K.’s post-Brexit trade strategy is in full swing, with a deal close with Australia (despite objections from farmers)
and negotiations to join the 11-nation CPTPP are underway. However, the economic benefits of these deals are expected to be modest.

• Testy relations over Northern Ireland continue, and we await to see whether the EU will grant a three-month extension to a grace period allowing chilled meats and fresh sausages to cross the Irish Sea into NI.

• Meanwhile, more Brexit deadlines are coming and going – deferred customs declarations from January now need to be filed. Checks on food entering NI start in October. And from Jan 1, customs declarations will immediately be required on imports, border checks will apply to food imports and the new UKCA mark comes into force.

Plenty more fun to come…