BREXIT Update – 4th August

Here are the latest Brexit updates from Bloomberg

• The U.K. has proposed a significant overhaul of the Northern Ireland protocol, and threatened to suspend parts of the
agreement if the EU doesn’t budge. In response, the EU declined to re-open negotiations.

• The latest impasse puts the two sides on a fresh collision course, with the next flash point coming at the end of
September when various grace periods for trade expire. The U.K. wants to markedly soften the trade border in the
Irish Sea with an effective honesty system for customs. It’s also called for a standstill period on grace periods and
legal actions, but the EU is pressing ahead. Trouble brews…

• A worsening driver shortage linked to Brexit and the pandemic is causing major headaches for businesses and retailers, with the haulage industry calling for urgent action to address the shortfall. So far the government is resisting calls for a short-term visa for EU drivers, instead insisting on more local training and recruitment.