FREE Business Cost Reduction Clinics

Are rising costs crippling your business? Have you already negotiated what look to be the best deals on the market but are still paying out more than you think you should? Would you like some help to review your expenditure and see where savings could be made? 

Sit down with a Cost Reduction Specialist who can offer free, impartial advice and give your business access to deals most small and medium sized businesses would never even be aware of. Just 20/30 minutes could potentially save your business money!

These 121 appointments are a must for any business owner and could save your business real money at a time when it is needed most.

These clinics are designed to look at every inch of your business and can help save you money on things like

  • Energy costs
  • Insurance deals
  • Telephony costs
  • Water costs
  • Merchant fees
  • So much more.

This service is fully funded by Spelthorne Borough Council and entirely FREE to Spelthorne based businesses.

Appointments are available to book on Tuesday 1st November and Tuesday 15th November 2022. Request more information by emailing or book online.