Care Connections Noticeboard December 2018

Finishing the year well
For many of us Christmas time is approached with a mix of happy anticipation and a sense of uncertainty, even dread for some. The frenzied activity of the High Streets is not to everyone’s liking and felt obligations to our wider families become a worry. The elderly and vulnerable often find pressure in the season, or experience greater loneliness – which is a real shame.
As this NOTICE BOARD is about health and wellbeing matters, concerned with levels and types of care for those less able, I ask no forgiveness for suggesting that we all take on a certain responsibility to make the season truly one of joy and peace for others. I’m raising a flag for straight-forward, easy and natural responses to the needs of others. Let us lessen the load rather than heap up expectation and expense for others.
A greater number of our residents are now carers of others in their families. This brings pressure and limitations for them throughout the year. Carers need to be honoured and blessed at any time, but especially should be remembered now. With this thought in mind I’m making a bit of a focus on carers in this issue.

Care Connections December 2018