COVID Testing by Medical and Rescue

An experienced Ashford based paramedic who launched a private medical supply company is offering coronavirus tests to give peace of mind to families, work colleagues and friends which see results in just 15 MINUTES.

 With more than 30 years experience delivering healthcare, Kevin Wheal and his team of paramedics and nurses are providing independent COVID-19 testing at your home, place of work, hotel or clinic.

 Whether you who want to be reassured prior to visiting elderly relatives; peace of mind if your children are returning to school; you need to go to work or you are just worried about virus transmission, the one-step test give results within 15 to 20 minutes.

 The healthcare professionals were offering screening and testing to local businesses, organisations and individuals using the latest rapid tests to offer comfort to those concerned about infection.

 A simple fingertip blood sample or from a nasal and throat swab identifies the presence of viral proteins – known as antigens – or antibodies. Starting at just £62, the team based at Heathrow airport, can also travel to you for the screening. 

 During the second lockdown, staff from Medical and Rescue supported film production teams in London with COVID -19 screening and medical support, working closely with production teams to test both cast and crew. 

 Medical & Rescue combines years of expertise and professionalism of multi-discipline staff from Military, Police, Government & Civil Defence organisations.

It offers training in all aspects of emergency medicine ranging from first aid and resuscitation to the management of anaphylaxis and major incident planning.

For more details contact: Medical and Rescue Limited | Tel: 07768 843831