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Charley Paige Trust

Contact - Jackie Franklin
Categories: Charity
Phone: 01932 711 196

Charley Paige Trust Business Description:

We set up in 2007 in memory of Charley who was 3 years old when she sadly lost her battle with leukaemia in 2004.

Charley Paige Trust is a registered children's charity based in Sunbury-on-Thames. We are run solely by volunteers and our overheads are very low. We support life limited and disabled children and their families. We aim to enhance the lives of these children and/or ease financial hardship for the family. Many of these family's incomes can drop dramatically soon after diagnosis. Mum, dad or both may have to stop working to care for their child, at a time when expenditure will most probably go up. There is much turmoil and anxiety at this time. Despite all the great work the hospitals and hospices do, there are many things that can make a real difference and can only be funded by charitable donations. CPT provides monetary grants for travel to and from hospital and for parking. We purchase equipment that will make life better or easier for them. We purchase sensory toys and equipment for children with complex disabilities for use in their homes. We award 'treat' grants for terminally ill children. Feed back tells us we really do make a difference when it matters most. We also support ward playrooms with recreational equipment and materials and we donate our Smile Bags to children in hospital. These cotton re-usable bags are filled with activities and fun things to cheer them up, distract them or to just fill some of the many long hours these children can spend on the ward. The children love them.

Our motto is to Make Smiles Happen

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Charley Paige Trust Business Tags and Keywords:

children's charity, volunteers, charity,

Charley Paige Trust Address:

8 Kings Avenue
Sunbury on Thames
Middlesex TW16 7QE

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