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EJ HR Solutions

Contact - Emma Tweedale
Categories: Recruitment & HR
Phone: 07746 925 254
Mobile: 07746 925 254

EJ HR Solutions Business Description:

EJ HR Solutions are a Surrey based HR consultancy specialising in supporting SMEs to reach their potential and develop their business.

We offer a wide variety of flexible HR Services from performance management to recruitment & selection, audits to employee engagement, HRIS implementation to training & development, and much more.

We can create a bespoke package to meet the specific needs of your business, either working on a retained basis or as a one off for projects, audits etc.

We will ensure that the challenges your business is currently facing can be addressed with the solutions that we offer and that you have a workable framework moving forward.

EJ HR Solutions Business Tags and Keywords:

Human, Resources, HR, Employment, Consultancy, SME, business

EJ HR Solutions Address:

91 Hetherington Road
Surrey TW17 0SN

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