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Westend Portraits

Contact - Lawrence White
Categories: Media & Design, Marketing & PR
Phone: 07956 272 672

Westend Portraits Business Description:

We travel to you at your convenience and also have a fantastic photography studio in the heart of Richmond. Every session is unique and will include the following:
€¢ Highly committed professional experienced photographers who delivers stunning imaginative and creative images.

€¢ A helpful discussion before the session about the location, what is most suitable for your needs and what you want to achieve with the images.

€¢ Advice before the session on what to wear and how to prepare so you look your very best.

€¢ Professional portable lighting with great softboxes that emit wonderful kind light that highlighting your best features.

€¢ Helpful advice on how to relax in front of a camera. (Pretty much everyone gets a little nervous in front of a camera, from Prime Ministers to actors. That's why I love to laugh and have a bit of fun at our portrait session. Laughter relaxes everyone and adds that little extra light to the eyes. Even for serious photographs, there's nothing wrong with having a little fun to lighten the mood).

€¢ Time to view the images taken on the camera allowing your input and thoughts on how to achieve the very best images you require.

€¢ A private online gallery allowing you to choose the images within 48 hours allowing you to view them in your own time.

€¢ All chosen images are sent to you in large files suitable for very large prints and small files suitable for social media use. You also get all selected images in colour and black and white.

€¢ All chosen images are retouched and enhanced by a professional retoucher. They will still look like you but on a great day.

€¢ You also get full copyright to reuse your images in any way you wish.

Westend Portraits Business Tags and Keywords:

photography, professional photography, head shots, corporate head shot

Westend Portraits Address:

92 Kew Road

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