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Acacia Homecare Ltd

Contact - Minal Chowdhri
Categories: Leisure & Entertainment
Phone: 02034 119 011

Acacia Homecare Ltd Business Description:

My name is Minal Chowdhri and together with my husband Sanjeev, we own and run Acacia Homecare. We did not go looking for the care service. It found us. And that has been the common experience of the team behind Acacia Homecare. Witnessing the care service provided by others to a loved one or ourselves and thinking, “This could be so much better. This should be so much better.”

This thought grew into a dream in the summer of 2011. At the time, I was a fulltime mother to our son. Sanjeev had just left a job in the city and was seeking something new. With this window of opportunity opening up before us, we looked further into the world of domiciliary care and saw our future.

We opened the doors to Acacia Homecare and steadily grew our business due to our sterling reputation of going that extra mile.

Our aim was to start from a new, blank page and rethinking the world of care to ensure that it meets the personal needs of each and every customer. The goal was not to measure ourselves against the competition and be ‘better than,’ but to be different, measuring success against the needs of our customers and be ‘better for.’
We built upon the thoughts that grew out of our own negative experiences and drove that passion into creating many new experiences for others where we can now say, “This is better.”

But we won’t be stopping there. We will be asking ourselves daily, “Yes, this is better, but how can we make it even better?”
But our vision is only half the story. There are missing puzzle pieces to this picture and that’s where you come in. Your needs, your wishes, your goals in life. All these things need to be added in to our vision in order to make the service we offer complete.

We don’t want to just provide care to our people but also provide a way of living, not only for the person we care for but their family, friends and you too.

Acacia Homecare is not just about the two of us. There is a great family here that we would love for you to meet. Give us a call and come and see us and you can truly understand for yourself.

We provide a range of at home care including, personal hygiene, nutrition, medication, social mobility, domestic, shopping and companionship

Acacia Homecare Ltd Business Tags and Keywords:

care, home care, live in care, domestic, carer,

Acacia Homecare Ltd Address:

Pod Business Centre, Harris Way Windmill Road
Sunbury on Thames
Middlesex TW16 7EL

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