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6 Furzewood

Contact - Monica Chard
Categories: Entertainment, Leisure & Entertainment, Media & Design
Phone: 07946 494 288
Mobile: 07979 808 991

6 Furzewood Business Description:

Village Matters was launched in 2010 by local Sunbury and ex Molesey resident, Monica Chard, with the objective of bringing local stories to the community, together with local trades and businesses in monthly magazines.

Sunbury Matters was the first such magazine to launch in the village of Lower Sunbury. Shepperton Matters, covering both Shepperton and Laleham followed shortly afterwards. Molesey Matters launched in September 2016, and Walton Matters launched in September 2018. Each magazine is hand delivered individually meaning they don’t arrive as junk mail. On the contrary, people are proud to say they have kept every one of them!

Distribution totals over 30,000 per month, as follows:

Sunbury Matters : 5,000 homes and businesses

Shepperton Matters : a minimum of 8,500 homes and businesses

Molesey Matters : a minimum of 8,500 homes and businesses

Walton Matters :a minimum of 8,500 homes and businesses

Total estimated readership is estimated just over 67,000 ( based on industry average 2.2 readers per copy)

The magazines are funded by advertising, but the rates are kept at such a level to make it affordable to small businesses. Many advertisers choose to advertise every month in all four magazines.

So if you are are a local business looking for an effective way of getting your marketing message to local communities in Spelthorne, and Elmbridge, then look no further.

We put local business first!

6 Furzewood Business Tags and Keywords:

village matters, local, community, magazine, local magazine

6 Furzewood Address:

Fordbridge Road
Sunbury on Thames
TW16 6AT

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