Last March, as the Staines community went
into lockdown, members of Staines Rotary
stepped up. Rotary members went into action
to help fight the impact of the pandemic and
lockdown on the local community and we have
never stopped. Staines Rotary enabled support
to members of the community through local
charities including food banks, schools, youth,
health awareness and business organisations.
Rotary brings out the best of the human spirit
and character from members. Because of
sincerity of purpose of our members, doing
good in this community makes us feel good.
No matter where you find yourself now, Staines
Rotary believes it is time to lift up, mend and
rebuild…one brick at a time. Don’t let COVID
steal your Christmas. Together, we are walking
towards the impact of the pandemic in our
community and helping to restore optimism.
To sustain our support to local charities, youth,
schools and food banks.

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