Enterprise Adviser Network

Could you spare some time to share your skills with local schools?

We have been contacted by Mo Forgan from Satro, who is involved in setting up an Enterprise Adviser Network in Spelthorne. She has got buy in from the majority of Spelthorne secondary schools and now needs to grow a network of local business people to support them.

What is an Enterprise Adviser?

Enterprise Advisers are the cornerstone of The Careers & Enterprise Company’s national programme. They are a nationwide network of high calibre volunteers with experience of employment or self-employment.
Main purpose of the role
Supported by an Enterprise Coordinator(EC), the Enterprise Adviser(EA) will work closely with the senior leadership team of a specific school or college to:
• Support the development of a whole school strategy for careers, enterprise and employer engagement
• Provide access to their local business networks
• Help schools and colleges to focus efforts on programmes and activities that are most effective in motivating young people, supporting independent choice, and supporting positive outcomes for young people

The EA will work with a school or college on a one to one basis. The EA will be matched and introduced to that school or college by the EC.
The Enterprise Adviser will:
• Be committed to supporting a school or college for at least 1 academic year, committing a minimum of one day per month
• With the support of the senior leadership team, develop, shape or add value to the school or college’s careers, enterprise and employer engagement strategy
• Working with the EC, conduct an initial Compass evaluation and support the school or college in identifying priority areas for support within 6 months of joining the EAN
• Ensure that the school/college they support use our careers planning tool, Tracker, within 9 months of joining the EAN
• Use their contacts to encourage a wider group of employers or the self-employed to work with the school or college to help them enhance their careers, enterprise and employer engagement strategies
• With expert knowledge of their sector, commit to developing a good understanding of the wider employment base in their locality
• Engage in the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Enterprise Adviser induction programmes
• Join the LEP Enterprise Adviser network group and attend the network meetings
• Share best practice across the Enterprise Adviser Network (EAN) and provide support to other EAs
• Utilise the resources provided by the EC such as the toolkit
• Promote the role of EAs amongst existing contacts and networks to contribute to the recruitment of new EAs

Skills and experience
Enterprise Advisers will be:
• Drawn from the world of work (businesses and the public sector, organisations of all sizes
including the self-employed)
• Passionate about motivating young people, supporting independent choice, and supporting
positive outcomes for young people
• Able to work effectively with employers and schools and colleges
• Well connected to employers of all sizes and the self-employed and have established
networks and contacts which they are willing to share
• Have a sound knowledge and understanding of the needs of the local labour market and a
willingness to promote these
• Motivated to lead engagement with schools and colleges in the local area and help them
understand how effectively they are motivating young people and preparing them for the
world of work
• Have knowledge of the support available in local area and an understanding of how young
people, the school and college could benefit from this support
All Enterprise Advisers must be DBS checked.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Mo on mo@satro.org.uk .