ESTATE PLANNING FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: Protecting you and your estate

As a business owner, it is fair to say that high on your list of long-term priorities will be the growth and
development of your business. After all, it was your creativity, ambition and drive that have got you and your business to where it is today, whether as a sole trader, partnership or a limited company.

Ask any business owner to list the key long-term drivers in their life today and top of the list would probably be their family, whether immediate or wider, followed by a desire to enjoy all that life has to offer. It is not surprising therefore that in many cases business owners, driven by their desire to succeed in business, can lose sight of what impact their untimely death, ill health or loss of mental capacity could have; not only on the business, but on the wider wellbeing of their family.

The loss of valuable leadership can cripple a business. Adequate estate protection such as life assurance or
critical illness plans, income replacement plans or Inheritance tax-efficient business Wills are but a few of
many options available to you to ensure your dependants are adequately provided for. It is often forgotten but equally important to give as much thought to succession plans for your business.

In addressing these matters,the following are a few of the issues you may wish to consider:
• The implications of not leaving a valid Will and the effect the rules of intestacy could have on the distribution of your assets and, therefore, on your heirs.
• Who have you left your business interests to, in the event of your death?
• If you have left your share in the business to your spouse, do you fully understand the Inheritance Tax and commercial implications of doing so?
• Do you know, or have you sought advice to confirm, whether the value of your business interests will
qualify for Business Relief?
• If you are in partnership, or are a shareholder in a company, have you reviewed your partnership agreement or memorandum and articles of association recently, regarding the acquisition of a deceased partner’s or co-shareholder’s stake in the business?
• Have you given any thought as to how the surviving shareholders/partners can fund the acquisition of a
deceased shareholder’s/partner’s share of the business?

You may have already taken advice and put plans in place. If so, then you are in the minority as few business owners give any serious thought as to what will happen to the business after they have gone, or if they do take action, it is usually too little too late.

Protecting you and your estate:

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The need for advice:

Addressing many of the points detailed above can be confusing. It is therefore important to seek professional advice to ensure that you get things right. St. James’s Place fully understands these issues and our Partners are able to assist you by finding the right solutions.
We can introduce you to one of our preferred Will writing providers to ensure that you have in place an
appropriate and properly executed Will. For more information, please speak with your St. James’s Place Partner.

Next Steps:

Should you wish to take control over how your business should continue as you would want it to, don’t leave it to chance. Start now to explore what options are open to you to develop a clear plan to achieve your desired objectives.

To find out more about any of the issues outlined in this factsheet, or any of the products and services available
from St. James’s Place, please contact your St. James’s Place Partner.
Please note that Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and advice relating to a Will involves the referral
to a separate and distinct service to those offered by St. James’s Place.
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