HR Matters August Newsletter 2019

With two million adults suffering domestic abuse each year it’s statistically probable that some of your employees are victims. Know the signs and learn about the support that’s available to those in need. Read on to find out more.
An unexpectedly high penalty Think a case of discrimination will be treated leniently at tribunal because it is isolated? This example proves otherwise.Find out the facts
Enhanced protection for
new parents 54,000 women a year feel they have to leave employment because of pregnancy or maternity discrimination. New rules are now in place to tackle the problem.Are you up to date?
Mental health awareness in schools Specialist teacher training can help to spot the signs and offer support where it’s needed the most.Find out more
Inside the mind of an introvert Every team comes with a mix of personalities including extroverts and introverts. Not being the loudest of the bunch, introverts need different support in order to shine. Which personality types are you working with?
Sleeping on the job Whether zoning out from boredom, recovering from the night before or suffering from an illness, sleeping on the job is more common than you may think!Are those alarm bells ringing?
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