Recruiting and Retaining Women in Tech & Engineering

Event – Retaining Women in Tech & Engineering
Thursday 02/05/19
07:45 – 10:00

Women form 23% of students in UK engineering & manufacturing disciplines. Including Science & Technology brings the figure up to 32%.

Our gracious hosts, Vision Engineering, are a fairly typical, high tech, UK owned global manufacturing company, of 220 staff. Women form 31% of the total global workforce… and 42% of the Board of Directors… Reasonable, you might think?
If we drill down into the specialisations, the picture is less rosy:

Ø             0% of their machinists worldwide are female
Ø             0% of their designers worldwide are female
Ø             3% of their technical sales worldwide staff are female
Ø             57% of their assembly staff worldwide are female
Ø             73% of their marketing staff worldwide are female
Ø             100% of their finance, payroll and HR staff worldwide are female

Despite best efforts to avoid gender exclusive recruiting, the same proportions prevail in the Company’s operations in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, India. The situation has become self-perpetuating, which now begs the question of what can be done?

Surrey Chambers of Commerce are delighted to be working in collaboration with Vision Engineering to bring you an event that will discuss the barriers and opportunities to recruiting and retaining women in both the Tech and Engineering industries.