Refresh your numeracy skills in 2024

Multiply is a great way to access friendly support to boost your numeracy skills for 2024, learning at a pace that suits you. Whether you want to get a business idea off the ground, progress your career, find employment or need to get better at money managing there is a Multiply course in Surrey that can help you.

You can attend our flexible courses online or in person across Surrey. Free and easy to access Multiply courses and initiatives are offered by different providers across Surrey, with courses such as “How to build a business without money” running online from 24 February by Rebel Business School.

The Lightbulb are also running courses for Surrey residents to support them into employment with a personal coach to help you with your numeracy. You can also attend weekly courses at providers like

For courses available in Surrey visit the Multiply web page.

For national courses and a numeracy test visit the Multiply skills for life web page.