Sandler Training Special Offer to Business Owners

Whilst we are all in “lockdown” Paul Glynn from Sandler Training (Southern Counties) is offering an inexpensive option to local businesses.

Owners, directors and some salespeople have more time right now, and less clients and prospects to talk to. That might not be accurate for some businesses, but we are hearing from some that business has gone down (temporarily) so low that they can’t keep people actively doing things, particularly as everybody is at home. A number of salespeople have been furloughed. This is the ideal time to get training. It is those businesses that are tooled up in product knowledge and skills that will come shooting out of the gate when normal times return .

The intensive course is 6 sessions of 90 minutes each through Zoom plus self-study over two weeks, that will lead to the world-recognised sales qualification “Sandler Bronze Certification”. It’s being priced as inexpensively as possible so businesses can get their furloughed staff on it.

Start date is Monday 27th April, sessions to take place at 4pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you want details of the agenda and pricing, please contact Paul directly on 07866 518848 or