SBC secures debt from developer

Spelthorne Borough Council has made use of powers in the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations to recover a substantial outstanding debt from a developer following the implementation of a housing scheme in the borough.

Although the developer had been reluctant to settle the outstanding debt, the Council continued to pursue the matter and succeeded in securing full payment of the Levy which, with costs and late payment interest, amounted to more than £300,000.

Councillor Colin Barnard, Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development, said: “This is a positive result demonstrating that we are willing to take the necessary action to ensure that developers pay their CIL contribution towards infrastructure in the borough.”

CIL was implemented by the Council in 2015 and is a vital source of funding to support strategic infrastructure needs arising from new development. The funding can be used to pay for education facilities, specific highway improvements, on-site play equipment and site-specific flood mitigation measures.

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