Shepperton Studios Expansion Plans





Shepperton Studios has submitted an outline planning application for the expansion and redevelopment of the site to Spelthorne Borough Council.


This follows the pre-application consultation, carried out during June and July.  Feedback received from the consultation has been taken into account as the proposals have developed.

Final proposals include:

• The partial development and redevelopment of the existing studios, within the current Shepperton Studios site.
• The expansion of the studios through construction of new studio facilities south of the River Ash corridor and to the north west of the existing site.
• New car parking.
• New/improved pedestrian and cycle links.
• Environmental enhancements, habitat creation/restoration, landscape infrastructure and associated engineering operations including earthworks and drainage.
• Access to the expansion site to the south and north west via a new access point off Shepperton Road (B376), with the existing access from Studios Road relocated further west.

Should you wish to show your support for the expansion of Shepperton Studios, I’d be most grateful if you could please send an email or letter to Spelthorne Borough Council on or at the address below:

Russ Mounty
Spelthorne Borough Council Planning Department
Knowle Green
TW18 1XB

Application Reference is 18/01212/OUT

We have considered some of the key benefits below, which you could possibly use as a guide when writing to the council:

• The proposals will improve and expand the existing facilities, which will allow Shepperton Studios to continue to play an important role in the film industry and high-end television.  The expansion will lead to a rise in the number of jobs for people in the area and continue to support existing employees and tenants.
• The expansion would allow Shepperton Studios to significantly enhance both the local and national creative and cultural economy.  By expanding and improving facilities, the Studios will be able to guarantee that they will continue to attract producers and directors from around the world.

The two points below are really why I’m writing to you.   Over the past 2.5 years as Community Liaison, I’ve built wonderful relationships with our local neighbours and businesses.  I’d like to not only be able to continue to offer support for existing charities and local associations, but extend the offer to use our facilities and amenities to a wider community.

• There are many aspects of the proposed expansion of the Studios which would benefit the community in the future.  These include the enhancement of the River Ash corridor, increased access to the Korda Theatre cinema, continued use of the Orangery for local and community and charity events and proposed workshops for local children.
• The proposed expansion will allow the Studios to continue to provide educational support in the local area in the forms of sponsorship and apprentice schemes, careers advice and events, and support for the Spelthorne Business Plan competition and Spelthorne Means Business Awards.

The support for the work we do for the community is just as important as famous directors and producers writing to offer support for the expansion for cultural reasons.

If you can spare 5 mins to write a quick email to Russ Monty supporting the application from a community point of view, I’d be most grateful.   If you do get around to it, please could you possibly send me a copy of your correspondence.

Many thanks for your time,

Best wishes,

Kathryn Maidment
Group Community Liaison

Pinewood Studios Group