Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Over at Small Business Britain we have been busy doing key research into vital areas and have recently launched two reports: Moving Forward 2023, in partnership with Square and Clearpay, and Disability and Entrepreneurship in partnership with Lloyds Bank.

Below you will find further details on the reports and ways to download them. The information within the reports provides key information on how you can help small businesses in your areas thrive.

Disability and Entrepreneurship

Small Business Britain have been working with Lloyds Bank to understand the world of entrepreneurship in the UK. The goal of this research is to help create a better entrepreneurial environment in the UK for disabled entrepreneurs and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive and make their business dreams a reality.

This report represents the voice of the entrepreneur, based on interviews and surveys with over 500 disabled entrepreneurs. It includes the findings from this research and recommendations to all parts of society on how to make the UK a better place to be a disabled entrepreneur.

For more info and the download the report, click here ….

Moving Forward 2023

This week we have also launched our Moving Forward 2023 Report with Square and Clearpay. The report develops insight into how small businesses are fairing, and how they are using digital skills in particular to help overcome economic challenges.

This has been brought together into this practical report that shares both how small businesses are doing, and expert tips on how they can move forward in 2023 with optimism and confidence.

To download the report or listen to the audiobook, click here ……