What is Staines Shopmobility?

Based in the Two Rivers complex Staines Shopmobility is available to anyone with limited mobility, whether temporary or permanent. You do not need to be registered as a disabled person, be a regular wheelchair user or a Blue Badge holder. You may be recovering from an operation, illness or an injury such as a broken leg. The scheme aims to ensure all visitors can fully access the facilities and services available in Staines town centre.

How is it funded?

Since its inception in 1998, Staines Shopmobility has set its service charges at an affordable level for users of the service. The charge to hire mobility equipment is the only guaranteed income received and the charity currently loses money on this activity. It would require a charge of £12.60 per use to fully recoup the annual running costs, which would make the service unaffordable to most of the current users of the service. As a result of this, annual income falls a long way short of the cost of providing the service each year. Staines Shopmobility is therefore reliant on a mixture of Local Authority funding, grants, donations and fundraising to bridge the deficit between its income and expenditure. Fundraising is crucial to the continuance of Staines Shopmobility and the charity would be forced to close without the generosity of others. You can find many ways to help Staines Shopmobility raise funds on their website and any assistance received is greatly appreciated.

Current Activities:

  1. Selling Calendars produced by Elmsleigh Centre featuring pictures from Staines and the local area, £5 each with all proceeds to Shopmobility. Available from Shopmobility, Calendar Club in Elmsleigh and Staines Library.
  2. Selling Xmas raffle tickets £1 per strip of 5. 1st Prize – Hamper, 2nd Prize – Limeyard voucher, 3rd Prize – Nandos voucher plus lots of additional prizes. Available from Shopmobility.
  3. Running the  Xmas wrapping service in the Elmsleigh Centre between 9am-6pm on Monday 18th December and Saturday 23rd December, proceeds to Shopmobility.
  4. Collecting with the Rotary Club of Staines Santa Float around Laleham Road, Richmond Road area of Staines between 6pm-8.30pm on Tuesday 19th December.

How could your business help?

The service’s main need is to raise funds, particularly revenue funding to continue providing the service in Staines, and to secure volunteers towards this end. They hold fundraising events throughout the year but find it difficult to secure enough bodies to get the best out of these events. Ideally they would like an active list of people willing to volunteer at these.

Get in touch:

For more information please contact David Bisiker

01784 459416