Surrey Chambers of Commerce weekly update

Now that Easter holidays have begun and businesses are in a little bit of a lull, we’re frantically getting ready to bring you a ridiculously jam-packed calendar of events for May. We know you don’t really want to hear much about Brexit, so let us take your mind off it, and instead why not join us for all sorts of topical, informative networking sessions where you can raise your business profile and increase awareness of your brand!

In addition, we’re also running a series of monthly training workshops, each one on a different topic. But you’ll receive more personal, tailored advice in these half day sessions, so maximise your knowledge and book on today!

Don’t forget to scroll down for all the ‘Save the Dates’ that are all ready to book online – we’ve just got so much going on that we’ve run out of space!

Keen to have your business associated with one of our events? Why not enquire about event sponsorship?