Surrey Young People’s Fund. Support disadvantaged young people in Surrey.

The Surrey Young People’s Fund was established in October 2014 and aims to support disadvantaged young people in Surrey to gain access to training and employment.
The Fund is established within the Community Foundation for Surrey – an independent charitable trust, dedicated to inspiring local giving, providing philanthropy advice, and building permanent community funds to improve the lives of people in Surrey. The Foundation awards grants throughout Surrey to support the local community and voluntary groups who make a real difference to the quality of life in their communities.

A young person who is:
▪ Aged 16-25 at the time of application; and
▪ Resident in Surrey
• Likely to be financially disadvantaged and typically in one or more of the following categories:
a. Educational under-achievers (having achieved or likely to achieve less than 5 GCSEs at
grades 4-9)
b. People who are not in full-time employment (16+ hours per week)
c. People with disabilities or restricted by health conditions
d. People with mental health conditions
e. People in or leaving care
f. Carers (including Surrey Young Carers)
g. Offenders or ex-offenders
Young people must show motivation to achieve their goal and provide feedback after any grant is awarded

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