Switch on to Digital

Switch on to digital

Joanna Wake, MD of RAW Digital Training, looks at what businesses of all sizes need to do to ensure technology is put to best use.

Digital is transforming the way we work, live and do business. Businesses are much more switched on to digital now compared to only a year or two ago, but with digital continuing to move at such a pace, there is understandable curiosity from businesses wondering if they are doing enough.

Where the need for digital was seen as having a website and using social media, businesses are now starting to understand the powerful benefits of digital adaptations that can increase productivity, streamline procedures, or transform customer experience.

The emphasis and attention that businesses need to put on digital cannot be underestimated, and digital transformation is a fundamental planning piece that all businesses should be going through. It’s a piece we have been asked to facilitate to every kind of business, size and sector this last year. It starts with businesses understanding that they need to utilise digital better, but having a general confusion with digital, and not knowing where to begin.

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