In an ideal world, we would get all our vitamins and minerals from the food we consume on a daily basis.
However, many of us lead very busy and pressured lives. Some of us may not have sufficient time to put together a detailed and well thought out dietary plan that addresses all our needs.
That is why vitamin and mineral supplements have an important role to play as they are designed to complement and support our daily diet, to help ensure that our intake levels of essential micronutrients are maintained at an optimum level.
A healthy, balanced diet is important in order to obtain all of the nutrients which are key to our health. However, few of us find it easy to live up to this ideal.
The use of vitamin and mineral supplements can reduce dietary gaps and improve nutritional status without exceeding safe levels of intake. There are many potential reasons to complement your diet with a vitamin & mineral supplement, depending on factors such as age, gender, dietary habits, and lifestyle.
Herbalife Nutrition can help complement your diet with vitamin & mineral supplements which meets your individual needs.

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