Awards are a powerful way of placing your company in the media spotlight and gaining kudos local and nationally. Winning an award or even being nominated as a finalist can strengthen your brand and attract customers who are seeking assurance they are dealing with a quality supplier.
The Spelthorne Business Awards are FREE and simple to enter.

Here are our top tips to consider when writing your Surrey Business Awards entry:

1. GIVE YOURSELF TIME. Putting together a great award entry takes effort and time, so you don’t want to rush it.
2. CHOOSE YOUR CATEGORY WISELY. You may be eligible for a few categories but ensure that you tailor your answers to each category to ensure your entry is relevant.

3. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Be clear and specific. Ensure your entry is easy to explain concisely, give some background and outline your objectives and strategy. Give specific examples – facts, not fluff – and avoid jargon.

Questions you will need to prepare for are:

  • Brief description of your business:
  • Why should you win this award?:
  • What successes are you most proud of?:
  • Why do you stand out from your competitors?
  • Please upload some evidence of your achievements

4. FOCUS YOUR MESSAGE. Try to keep your sentences punchy and only include relevant information – it will have more impact on the judges – remember they will have many applications to read.

5. GET YOUR ENTRY PROOF-READ. A fresh eye will be able to ensure the copy flows well, correct any grammar mistakes and spot anything that is unclear or superfluous.
6. INCLUDE SUPPORTING INFORMATION. If you have something relevant, include it. It can sometimes be the deciding factor on who will get shortlisted.
Try adding some photos of you and your team at work, client testimonials etc.