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“You may be interested in this scam and the psychological techniques being used. The end objective turned out to be a standard much used ruse, but what interests me is that I did not initially suspect it was a scam. The immediate emotional concern I had about losing my money over-rode any instant logical consideration as to whether this might be a scam” Read Ernest’s account:

Holiday Fraud

6,457 people fell victim to holiday fraud between April 2022 and March 2023 losing over £15million! Tips on how to book your holiday safely: Holiday fraud | Action Fraud

We need you!

We carry out regular checks on retailers to ensure that they don’t sell age restricted products such as knives or vapes to children.
We need volunteers to help! How to volunteer: Do IT | Connecting people to do good things

Microsoft Scams

Two residents have reported the Microsoft scam this week. They lost money as they granted access to their computers and coerced into providing ID documents. More about the scam: Tech Support Scams | Microsoft Learn

TV Licence Scams

In just two weeks, Action Fraud received over 3,400 reports of TV license scam e-mails.They tend to look realistic, and usually contain links to genuine-looking websites that try to steal financial details. Find out more: TV Licence Email Scams Skyrocket: How To Spot Them | Cord Busters

Pension Scams

Scammers set out to capture the pension savings people build up over the years by promising high returns and low risk. In reality, pension savers can be scammed and left with nothing. Spot a pension scam: Retirement savings scam could see you hit with ‘hefty’ bill from HMRC | Personal Finance | Finance |

Selling your car

Don’t share photos of your V5C log book on social media or selling sites, as scammers can use them for identity theft and put your vehicle at risk of being stolen or cloned. Find out more: Selling a vehicle – GOV.UK (

UK’s longest-running identity theft?

A man whose driving licence was stolen in 2019 has seen his identity repeatedly used to scam others while he gets the blame from angry victims. Read the Which? report: Is this the UK’s longest-running identity theft? – Which? News

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