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Counterfeit Currency: Advice to Retailers

Offences in relation to counterfeit currency are dealt with by the police and NOT Action Fraud. There are, in effect, two types of scenarios, click here to read more.

Staines Market

The team at Staines Market are looking for small businesses, craft and new traders to join their well-established and well-loved local market here in Staines-upon-Thames. If you are interested email:
(Business must be selling goods/products, we cannot accept just advertising)

Exclusive Offers

Support each other with offers that just exclusive to you the Bid Members, a massive thank you to ItsuBando BarCorneli’s, + Pure Gym who have already submitted theirs! If you would like to offer a discount/freebie etc. drop us a message with what you are happy to offer. All current offers you can claim can be found here.

Free Seedl Courses

Some upcoming courses this week:

One to One Performance Reviews | 4th January 2pm – Managing performance on a regular basis helps you stay on track of performance, the reality verses KPI’s and Objectives. It gives you a chance to connect with your employees and have an open and honest dialogue. The chance to share actionable feedback to improve performance. It’s also a great opportunity to hear from your employee about how their view their performance, their strengths and development opportunities. This is a great session to join if want to learn how to conduct a successful and structured one to one performance meeting.

Dealing with Challenging Customers| 5th January 11am – During this topic, we will explore how to deal with angry or difficult clients, highlighting specific tips and techniques that you can use to help smooth the client relationship, help solve their problem and demonstrate how to put the client first in a challenging situation.

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