What happens to your coffee cup waste?

On Tuesday 10th October there will be a discussion in Parliament by the Environmental Audit Committee the issues with recycling coffee cup waste. The session begins with a panel discussion of the challenges around recycling coffee cups, such as limited recycling infrastructure and consumer confusion, and the potential solutions being piloted on a local scale. The following panel will be an opportunity to hear the perspective of those working in the coffee industry, in particular their views on a range of solutions to coffee cup waste. If you are concerned about this in Spelthorne we have a local business which facilitates just this type of recycling  http://www.simplycups.co.uk. They have a plant based in Stanwell Moor: http://www.simplywastesolutions.co.uk/waste-management-company-moved-stanwell-depot where they have a mini-multi recycling facility for paper cups. They have a number of options for setting up a paper cup collection and it looks fairly straight forward to do. This article describes an example of how it works: City of London launches challenge to boost coffee cup recycling. Let's see what we can do to spread awareness of this within our own business community!